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Rules of Order of the Silverflame

To be a member of OSF we expect the following;

Respect your fellow players – in guild and out. We are a community and as such we need to support each other. Whilst we won’t always see eye-to-eye, we must be respectful of people's beliefs, sexual orientation, race and gender at all times.

Help each other to do better, support the guild with contributions and treat other players how you want to be treated.

If you wish to be a raider in any capacity; mythic, heroic or social then contact a role leader or officer.

Guild Structure:
  • Grumpynix – Guild Leader and Raid leader
  • Feliok - Raid leader
  • Vaxkar - Chief role leader
  • Epicos - Healing role leader
  • Peekaboo - Tank/Melee role leader
  • Yoru - Ranged role leader
  • Gwisgi - Bank
  • Tyry – Admin
Guild ranks:
  • Guild leader
  • Officers – sorts guild related stuff, like forums etc
  • Officer alts
  • Raiders – Part of the raid team
  • 2nd mains – 2nd well geared charactor that has been agreed by role leaders to join raids if required
  • Recruitment – Raiders or socials willing to help with recruiting to the guild (note will detail raider status)
  • Trial – newbie to the guild, trials usually last 2-3 resets depending on number of appearances
  • Members – Social players, welcome to raid on alt nights (if suitably geared)
  • Alts
Raid Rules:

Just to make our position and our intent for raiding clear, we aim to be a cutting-edge raiding guild. This means we aim to clear all the available content on mythic difficulty before the new raid is released. We have improved dramatically in the last few months and want to see this continue, expectations are high as without them we will not be a cutting edge guild.

We are not a hardcore guild as we take into account life, we do not expect 100% attendance, but we do expect raiders to try their best, follow tactics and make the best use of the 9 hours each week to progress.

To enable us to achieve this goal we need to follow the following;

Follow the mechanics - Such a simple task, yet frequently over-complicated by individuals. Focus on getting positioning correct, dodging whatever, stacking when needed then focus on pushing dps as high as possible.

Stop talking during pulls and while stood in-front of a boss to a minimum. Saying “Oops”, “Oh shit”, or taking 60 seconds to explain that a pool is empty mid-try is not helpful. Leave call outs to the officers and role leaders unless asked to help.

Tactic suggestions – There are so many ways to take down each boss, some are more straight forward than others, but may require specific classes/raid comps. We may not have everything required or may find a slight variation is easier for us. Give the strategy given by the raid leaders a chance before shitting all over it. Whilst we do not get everything right 100% of the time, we have a proven track record of getting tactics right and most of the time bosses drop dead when people just follow the mechanics correctly.

Come equipped as possible. Please try to push your ilvl and AP as high as you can (M+ and warfronts are great for this), while we have no set criteria for this, every little helps in killing new bosses. Bring food, flasks and be enchanted. The guild will try to provide cauldrons and feasts, but this is down to how many donations of mats we receive. If you miss those provided you will need to sort your own for that pull.

Sign on the planner link – while we do not expect 100% attendance, we do need as much notice as possible so we can pick the team for the best chance of a kill. If you are constantly not signing or signing off late repeatedly, you may not get picked very frequently as we need reliable players for consistency.

Performance in raids – focus on improving your own performance, can you increase your dps? cd usage (unless instructed to use it at a specific point)? positioning and mechanic handling (Aka stop standing in shit)? If you spot another player repeatedly making mistakes, contact the relevant role or raid leader and we will support an improvement or replace if possible where necessary. Please do not shout out stuff on discord, link meters in chat (/w a role leader and share it with them).

Respect in raids - In any given raid there could be a number of different nationalities, religions, genders and sexual orientations represented by our players, and as a result some comments meant as funny, sarcastic or banter-like may be misinterpreted as negative or hostile. Please be mindful of this as repeatedly putting others down, even in jest may result in being removed from the raid or team.

Research your class and boss fights
link for websites and discords for classes
link for raid information

Addons – The following are mandatory
DBM or Bigwigs
Weakauras 2
Exorsus raid tools (for notes and raid maps)
Personal loot helper


Personal loot means that loot is your own, be it a BoP or BoE. If you do not need an item, please use the personal loot helper addon to help distribute loot to other raiders, if we grow as a team we are more likely to down the next boss faster.

Please do not pug raids that the guild is actively clearing. Once it has been moved to the alt raid night then you are free to pug that difficulty. Locking yourself out of loot or raids may result in not being picked or removed from the raid team.
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