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    Rules of Order of the Silverflame

    These are the basic rules for The Order of the Silverflame [OSF] and we know that all of us will fail at them at times, but try to always abide by them to make everyone's life (including ours) a little easier.  There's nothing we dislike more than telling someone off.  At the end of the day we all want to be the best we can be at any given moment and following these simple rules will ensure that we come very close to being just that.

    1. Have TeamSpeak installed and being able to talk and to listen to your raid leader
    We use TeamSpeak [TS] version 3 from

    • While we are relaxed on TS, excessive chatter or banter is generally not accepted during raids.
    • Make sure push-to-talk is enabled.
    • Parking your TS client in our raiding channel while we're raiding is not enough. You need to listen at all times during raiding.
    2. Your gear should be enchanted/gemmed
    Everyone that's in the raid with you wants progress/less wipes, make sure your gear is as good as it can be.
    • The level of enchants and gems we'll be expecting is best available
    • See 6.2 for requirements
    3. Bring pots/flasks/food
    Top available potions and flasks are mandatory, ALWAYS bring them.
    With Cauldrons now in place in Legion we still expect you to have some spare flasks with you just in case.
    Also you need to make sure you have health and mana pots.
    The guild will provide tables and specially required pots for raids [e.g. All Progression raids] but if you miss the food you are expected to have your own. Raiders need to bring own food for progress bosses.

    4. You MUST have ORA3, OMEN/Skada, Exorsus Raid Tools and DeadlyBossMods/BigWigs installed
    These are your your basic raiding addons; install them and keep them up to date.
    See 6.3 for details.

    5. Be online in time for raids ie 15 minutes before the first pull
    • Be online and on TS at invite start.
    • You will no longer have a guaranteed spot 5 minutes before raid start and will be cancelled from attendance if you're not online at raid start if nothing else is agreed upon either in-game or via a note on the raid-planner. [See 6.4]
    • At raid invites time you are expected to be outside the raid entrance and to have in your bags all required items/comsumables for the raid.
    • At raid start you are expected to be at the instance ready to pull so give yourself plenty of time to fly there rather than waiting for a summon.
    6. Come prepared
    Read up on new encounters [see 6.5] and know your specific role in the fights. Make sure to have checked the raid forum for up to date discussion of tactics for progression bosses.

    6.1. Raiding spec
    This goes without saying: sort your spec; no half-ass PVP/PVE specs;
    If you don't know how to spec ask your role leader or a class brother/sister or check,, etc.
    Read up on new encounters [see 6.5] and know your specific role in the fights. Make sure to have checked the raid forum for up to date discussion of tactics for progression bosses.

    6.2. Sort your Enchants/Gems
    You should have the best enchant that is available on every gear piece, even if an item is of a low item level.
    Highest rarity gems in items from current raids as soon as they are available, again, even if an item is of a low item level.
    *NEW* It's easy to forget an enchant/gem from time to time. happens to us all. But if you're told about your missing stuff on items immediately sort them. Failing in doing so and coming back to next raid with items still
    not enchanted/gemmed will give a penalty of -100 per item not sorted.

    6.3. Have the required add-ons installed and UPDATED BEFORE every raid.
    Mandatory add-ons:

    6.4. Read up on the fights were going to face during the raid
    Use,,  and check (or similar guides etc.)
    You should also have checked the raid tactics subforums for our own information. If you have any questions or want a better analysis for tactics prior to the raid, there will always be an officer around during the day, so feel free to poke them at any time in game or on teamspeak.

    6.5 Be timely
    There are at times going to be in excess of 19 other people waiting on you.
    Our raid times are set. Use an alarm in necessary but if the cat is on fire, we are going to spend some time laughing while waiting for you to tell us about it.
    Sign for raid using the raid planner [See 11].

    7. Seriousness and fun in raids
    There are a few things we value highly above all else, though: friendliness and politeness towards guildies and other players, and skillfulness when it comes to the more serious parts of the game.

    OSF is not a hardcore raid with strict rules that are enforced without mercy. That being said, OSF is a raiding guild and when we raid, getting an encounter down is serious fun.
    While in preparation for an encounter from getting all buffs up quickly to listening to the raid leader and being quiet on TS when aspects of the upcoming event are being discussed, display your skill and friendliness by showing respect for others.

    To keep raids fun we need to concentrate on the aspects of the raid that make it fun and not on the parts that are not as exciting.

    8. Pugs and Alts
    These rules apply to ALL Raiders of OSF.

    8.1 Pugs
    The only raidzones you can pug, when ever you like, are old content unless announced otherwise on the guild forum.

    "But what if I can't join in on the guild raiding nights?"
    Then its OK to pug any of these from MONDAY EVENINGS and onwards. Reason for this is because then you should have enough time to get a group until the reset but still be available for the Monday raid if you're needed.

    *NEW* If you go ahead and pug any hc/myth content without permission from your RL you will face a penalty of -500 per raid missed that reset. For example: You join a myth EN pug on a wednesday cause you did not make the regular raid with guid. You get locked out for the entire reset and cannot help guild progress. Penaly then is - 1500 for 3 raids you miss.

    8.2 Alts
    "QQ I wanna join on guild raids with my alt."
    At times when we do old content it's fine to bring in some alts. This changes from run to run depending on what we need / don't need, but as a rule you only have ONE main and that's the char you bring to our raids. [ See 9 for additional info]
    With Legion incoming, we see a bit of clarification here. If you have an alt that's approved by your role leader to benefit the raid group then that alt is also allowed in main raids. This might not happen that often but we need to be flexible as some fights may need a class we are lacking so having alts for this is a good thing.

    "Can i PuG with my ALT?"
    Yes, of course you can pug anything you like on your ALT as long as you DON'T do it during our regular raid times.

    9. Your Main Character
    Main: This is the character you sign with to all the raids and the char you and the guild focuses on when assigning loot.
    Your main has the benefit of using everything that's in the guildbank and using the guild repair option.
    Alt: An alternative character that you play with when we're not raiding, this could be a farming character or just a character you enjoy playing.
    Note that the guild will not help you gear this char or give away the current mats or enchants that the guild bank has to offer. Leveling materials are available but anything current to the raid tier is reserved for mains.

    The only exception to this rule is players with exceptional alts/offspecs who have volunteered their services to the guild raids.
    Note that the player does not choose which character to bring and that the player has volunteered to do this. This is extremely rare and needs officer approval.
    This would only happen if there is a lack of a certain class or role (ie. tank/healer/dps) and the raid cannot start or progress without the use of this alt/offspec.
    * See separate post on changing mains
    * We do not allow account-sharing

    *New* We now allow some good geared alts in for the Hc raids. Speak to your RL to get it approved.

    10. Loot Distribution
    In Legion we'll be using the EPGP loot system.
    You can read about the workings here:

    We work with the following rules for gaining points:
    100EP @ 19.50, if you miss it for any reason, its your loss.
    300EP for Farm Raids / 450EP for Progress @ 20.00.
    100EP @ 23.00, invites will go out to everyone on standby, if you've logged off or not present on standby channel on teamspeak, it's again your loss.
    100EP @ 23.00, as a bonus for new kills. (amount awarded may be higher, according to difficulty, and it will be determined by the Officers and the Raid Leader)

    *New* - Members will from now on be awarded EP if online and signed for raid. Bare in mind members still got no prio on raidspots but due to being there on backup for the good of the raid EP will be handed out.
    Players on standby will be invited prior the raid for EP distribution. If you accept the invite, you are expected to be around if you are needed. If you are not there when we need you the EP you gained will be removed. Sit out on TS, play another game etc is allowed... just be there when we call for you.
    At the end of the raid invites will go out again to all those on backup for the final EP award so make sure to log your main character at this time.

    Before a raid the officers will determine if the raid is a farm or a progression raid and EP will be handed out accordingly.

    Additionally there will be a 20% decay in EP and GP each week to encourage you to take gear rather than saving up!

    Alts and offspecs will not have to pay for loot, if no main wants it.
    With the incoming changes to gear with changing stats based on spec, rolling for offspec loot should affect less people and items. Rolling for chance on upgrade for tier is from now on offspec roll ONLY.

    Spending points is done as follows:
    • When loot drops, you can make clear you want the item using the EPGP addon buttons.
    • The player with the highest PR rate will gain the item and the pre-defined GP's.
    • Non-important raid items that can drop, like mounts and pets, should go to a raider that has a high attendance. To measure this you can take the amount of EP a player currently has. If a certain player has 5000 EP and a perfect signup score on the planner (ie has signed or cancelled for every raid) he is eligible to roll. If less then 5 players have 5000 EP, then take the highest ranked EP player, reduce it by 25%, and then that is your measurement.
    11. Signing for Raids
    We use a web-based raid planner where raids are put up in advance and you can indicate your availability for a specific encounter with a particular character.
    The sooner you sign to a raid, the sooner the Role Leaders and Officers can choose the characters required to complete an encounter.
    • We shall endeavour to post new raids no later than 1 week before raid start.
    • Signups will be locked 24 hours before raid start for raiders so don't leave it till the last minute
    • People will be assigned as soon as possible but no later then 18.00 each raid day. From 18.00 and onwards, the people that are picked have a 99% chance to raid. We will try to keep swapping people in and out after 18.00 to a bare minimum.
    • If you are not assigned, you are considered to be on backup after raid start in case of disconnects or no-shows.
    • It is a requirement for all Raiders to sign for all raids and to mark your signup as cancelled if you are not available, preferably giving a reason, though this is not required.
    • Attendance - we require raiders to keep a high attendance to maintain their raider rank.  If you are going to be absent for a week or more then you must let your role leader or an officer know in advance either through the forum or in game via mail or whisper. Failing to do this will result in a 250 EP deduction per week of unannounced break.
    • We will try to keep a balance for a good raid, while trying to keep people on queue to a bare minimum.
    This allows us to choose the raiders who are keen to raid with us, pick those that haven't raided recently and to put together a group of people with the synergy required to beat certain encounters.
    Generally, an emphasis is placed on fairness over requirements.

    Whilst some of the below may sound a bit harsh, some are the core reason why we have not progressed anyway near as fast as we are capable of - we are a bunch of very good raiders, but don't work as a team enough.
    • Don't sign - don't raid Failing to sign for the raid on the planner shows that you are not bothered about raiding. You will not be invited to the raid, awarded EPGP and not be considered on back up and only approached in extraordinary circumstances to join the raid. Failing to sign to raid, be absent or a maybe may result in you losing your raider rank.
    • TS must be kept clear when stood in front of a boss!, this is to enable the raid leaders to explain tactics and set up various aspects of the encounters (no random shit talk at this time)
    • Raid tactic suggestions in /w please! Offering ideas for encounters is great - please do it in /w to the raid leader / Role specific suggestions can go to the relevant role leader in /w
    • Listening to the raid leader! Paying attention to the raid leader is incredibly important, people not responding or paying attention to tactics etc seriously slows down and disrupts the raid. It's also disrespectful when someone has put in the time to prepare and plan and someone doesn't even listen. Constantly ignoring them or failing to respond may result in removal from the raid.
    • Mechanics are more important than damage meters!! As we have proved time and time again. Following mechanics leads to bosses dropping dead. Tunnelling bosses will result in going splat from the wipe mechanics most bosses have. We are not a speed kill guild! Tunnelling the boss and ignoring tactics may result in removal from the raid.
    • Ask questions!! Please, please, please ask questions if you are not sure (preferably in /w). Making the same mistake on something because you are unsure is simply stupid. We are there as a team and are there to help each other. As a raider it is infuriating when people haven't listened, then constantly make the same mistakes and does nothing to sort it.
    • Faster pulls! With main raid buffs being removed, unless tactics or raid set ups are being sorted, there is no reason for a lot of down time between pulls. Down time allows people to lose focus, forget tasks, slip off for a crafty afk etc. Food and flasks are a personal responsibility to bring and use. Ensure they are or constant misuse may result in being removed from the raid.
    • Crafty afks wont be tolerated! Raid time is limited, we generally only have 8.5 hours a reset to take on the bosses (this is excluding break time). Sitting and waiting 10 minutes for someone that had popped afk is infuriating. In flex you will be removed from the raid and may not be re-invited on your return for that raid.
    • Dont expect an instant invite! if ... you have not signed up. Failing to sign means you aren't bothered about raiding and so you won't get an invite. OR... if you have signed but turned up late (even if you added a note to say). We may have covered tactics, have just got into a boss and bringing new people in would seriously hold things up. You may just have to be patient and wait until the boss is dead or a suitable time for us to add you. No one has the right to an instant invite, make your presence known to the raid leader and they will add you if suitable.
    We don't expect perfection, we all get things wrong and each boss takes time to learn. However, we can do a better job of working as a unit!

    13. Trials
    We have a standard 2-6 week trial period, which can be extended due to circumstances. In those weeks you are only eligible for loot if no raider needs it
    After 2-6 weeks, should we decide to keep you and you decide to stay, you will be promoted to designated rank with all the benefits that entails.

    14. Lines of Communication
    If for any reason you need to express any concerns, grievances, suggestions, etc, talk to your role leader(s) first, then the other officers and finally the guild master.

    As of 06-01-2017 the officer team consists of the following members:

    Guild Master
    • Leéann
    • Grumpynix (Raid Leading)
    • Feliok(Raid Leading)
    • Epicos (Healing RL)
    • Pízz  (Lead RL)
    • Tyry (Web Admin)
    • Gwisgi
    Role Leaders
    • Peekaboo(Melee/Tank RL)
    • Yoru (Ranged RL)
    • Natsu
    • Shaiya
    If you have any questions or need to stray from these simple rules please feel free to ask any of the officers.[/list]