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Author Topic: Gespen - Raider Application  (Read 528 times)


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Gespen - Raider Application
« on: August 08, 2018, 12:34:15 AM »
Personal Information

Real name : Pete
Age : 25
Nationality : British
What timezone you live in? : BST
Additional info that might be relevant : NA

Character information

Level : 110
Race : Blood Elf
Class : Priest
Armory Link : https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/gespen/pve
Primary spec/role : Shadow
Secondary spec/role : Disc/Holy
Applying for (Raider or Social) : Raider, but very social.
Are you willing to respec (immediately or in the future)? : Yes
Total time /played : 85 days 1 hour 47 minutes at time of application
Your Alts, if any : Gentic - Blood/Frost DK
Additional info that might be relevant :

Misc information

Do you have a stable connection to the Internet? (Less than 1 disconnect from the server per day) : Rarely DC, mostly Blizzards fault.
How is your computer connected to your Internet router? (Ethernet Cable, Wireless 802.11b/g/n/ac) : Ethernet
How is your router connected to the Internet? (ADSL, VDSL, Cable-TV, etc) : Fibre
Can you use Teamspeak and do you have a working headset/microphone? Do you talk? : Yes and Yes
How would you rate your English, written and spoken? : 9.5/10

Did you level this character yourself? : Many moons ago
What was your previous guild and why did you leave it? (or want to leave it) :  I was in a guild on Runetotem called Last Judgement. I left the guild as after a long hiatus, they realm changed to Silvermoon.
Do you have an open application to another guild at the moment? : Nope
What you are looking for in a guild and what can you do for OSF? :  I'm looking for a decent progressive team who offer a friendly place to have a laugh whilst raiding.
Where did you hear about Order Of The SilverFlame? : I've heard about them since they were on the Runetotem/Nagrand/Kilrogg group and raided with a few members a loooong time ago. I've known Pízz for a very long time IRL, and he's always tried to coax me into joining him :)
Additional info that might be relevant : As stated above, I know Pízz personally and would like to be part of his raiding team to show him what I'm made of.

***Only for Raiders' Applications***

Your Class

Please give a brief explanation how your spec works (ie. How did you pick your talents, enchants, stat priority, etc.) : I always use Sims to try and maximise my DPS and have followed Warcraftpriests since I started raiding and progressing.
How does your UI look like, do you track your CDs with anything? (Please share a screenshot of your UI in raiding enviroment) : Recently back from a hiatus, setting up raiding UI currently. CD's/Insanity is currently tracked with WeakAuras.
Do you have a log parse? (ie. Warcraftlogs, World of logs) : I recently changed realms so it isn't picking up properly.

Raid information

Which of these raid times are you available to raid?
Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00 : Yes
Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 : Yes
Sunday 19:45 - 23:00 : Yes
Monday 19:45 - 23:00 : Yes

How many days per week do you want to raid, maximum? : As many as I can attend.

What raiding experience do you have from Vanilla, BC, WotLK, Cata, MoP? : I played a mage in Vanilla/BC and raided very occasionally with a more socially focused guild. In WOTLK, I raided as a holy priest for Spark (Guild). I then changed to a warrior in Cata clearing DS, and then was asked to change back to a holy priest due to healer leaving. I extensively raided MoP as a shadow priest clearing all relevant content (with Curve achieves).
What raiding experience do you have in WoD? (please list the bosses downed if you have not completely cleared an instance) : In WoD I was in Spark for Highmaul to begin with, cleared it on heroic. The guild then fell apart at the release of BRF where everyone was really forced to join new guilds. I joined Last Judgement were progression Heroic then Mythic BRF. When HFC was then later released, again cleared HC and progressed Mythic up to Zakuun.
What raiding experience do you have in Legion? (please list the bosses downed if you have not completely cleared an instance) : I cleared normal EN and started progressing Heroic, but was forced to quit following life events.
Additional info that might be relevant : I have alot of experience in mythic raiding/progression and have lots of patience of wiping and never get frustrated doing so (Mythic Gorefiend comes to mind. >100 wipes to kill). I'd like to get back into raiding as I loved the thrill of progression and pushing the harder content.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about your entire application ? : I know I haven't provided the most extensive UI Screenshot or WoWprogress, but all "proper" raiding I did was previous to Legion. I'd like to get back into that with one of my friends, and help progress in BFA :)
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Re: Gespen - Raider Application
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2018, 04:35:17 PM »
Accepted Welcome Pete! I hope you enjoy your new home ;)
I can’t invite you as I’m still on holiday but I’m sure an officer will be around to invite you  :)


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Re: Gespen - Raider Application
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2018, 09:04:31 PM »
He is already a member of the guild with another character :) Just msg one of us when you're online m8.