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Author Topic: Raider Application - Arslansenki  (Read 622 times)


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Raider Application - Arslansenki
« on: September 02, 2018, 09:53:39 AM »
Personal Information

Real name : Oliver Brattfalk
Age : 21 in October
Nationality : Serbian / South korean
What timezone you live in? : CEST +1
Additional info that might be relevant : Working as a Store Manager.

Character information

Name : Arslansenki
Level : 120.
Race : Blood elf.
Class : Paladin.
Armory Link : https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/arslansenki/pve
Primary spec/role : Protection / Tank.
Secondary spec/role : Retribution / Damage Dealer.
Applying for (Raider or Social) : Raider.
Are you willing to respec (immediately or in the future)? : In the future.

Total time /played :
41 Days, 13 Hours, 4 Seconds on Paladin.

Your Alts, if any :
Monk and Druid.

Additional info that might be relevant :
Used to play Warrior and DK tanks earlier. Not so much anymore. I find more consistent gameplay with fewer characters to rely on.

Misc information

Do you have a stable connection to the Internet? (Less than 1 disconnect from the server per day) :
I do have a dedicated Fiber at 250/250mbit per sec. 12.5meter cable dragged from the hallway to my gaming room.

How is your computer connected to your Internet router? (Ethernet Cable, Wireless 802.11b/g/n/ac) :
Ethernet cable. Gaming is not allowed wireless.

How is your router connected to the Internet? (ADSL, VDSL, Cable-TV, etc) :
Dedicated fiber, 250/250.

Can you use Teamspeak and do you have a working headset/microphone? Do you talk? :
I have a working microphone and headset, communication is key when doing hard tasks with Guild.

How would you rate your English, written and spoken? :
At highschool I went out most of my classes with B+ except for chemestry where I had no love.
I would rate my english fluent both in witten and spoken manner.

Did you level this character yourself? :
Yes, all my characters are leveled up from scratch. Boosts are saved for off classes that I play once every week to swap gameplay every now and then.

What was your previous guild and why did you leave it? (or want to leave it) : 
Enuma Elish, good guild to play in about 2 years ago. Semi Hardcore raiding guild. Dead now.

Do you have an open application to another guild at the moment? :
No, I promised Zelest I would cancel the other guilds momentairly.

What you are looking for in a guild and what can you do for OSF? : 
Im looking for challenges, always have, most guilds are semi hardcore which I understand. But I am ready to step up a notch and help this guild have a tank that is always ready to help no matter what. 4 Times a week is the minimum for me, however if given less options to raid I will accept it, gives me more time with the wife =)

Where did you hear about Order Of The SilverFlame? :
I have seen you since Legion, when I first seeked out my guild I was tempted to apply here and in my former guild.
However the Guild Leader I have now promised more than he could offer, stupidly I stayed in the guild till now.

***Only for Raiders' Applications***

Please give a brief explanation how your spec works (ie. How did you pick your talents, enchants, stat priority, etc.) :
Well for starters, I look at the Talents, pick out which ones I think is the most fitting, go over to Method Sco's channel on youtube / armory
to check out what he took instead of my picks AND WHY he did so. I take notes in my head to learn and adapt. However, Sco's picks are
not always ideal for everyone. I tend to mix Sco's decisions with my own. Taking notes from one hell of a tank is a good idea, but to copy
never tend to work. Moving forward to Enchants and Stat priority, everything changes with every update, so I tend to a good look at the changelogs
every now and then, using websites like Icyveins or Wowguides to make it easier to find BiS items etc.
For now, this early on in the patch, I still have to wait and see wether its Haste / Versa or Haste / Mastery that is a paladin tanks prio
due to the nerfs on Shield of the Righteous and other defensive cds.

How does your UI look like, do you track your CDs with anything? (Please share a screenshot of your UI in raiding enviroment) :
I like to use the Blizzard UI, takes more out of my screen but I keep the Ratio Scale on a lower level. I do this cause of me going back and fourth to internet cafes that dont have Addons on their computers, which takes about 30min for me to Refigure my UI and keybinds, however I do use bartender4 now. To make my gaming easier I used DETAILS to see interuppts, damage done and healing done. I think that tacticts are important, but to see who does the most damage is good to cheer them up.
Also I use now, DBM and GTFO because I am human and can do mistakes. When tired I do grevious mistakes. So GTFO helps me wake up during fights to move my arse when in danger. BigWigs was my favorite before, but  I am testing out DBM to see how well it fares.



UI Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/jQFHQqi

Do you have a log parse? : Yes, World of Logs is good to keep track of tactical overviews,
analyses and raiding experience from other players and how their progress went. Seeing dmg done by different abilities, when to stay high health etc.

Raid information

Which of these raid times are you available to raid?
Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00 : Check.
Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 : Check (Quit work at 7pm with 18min travel time home).
Sunday 19:45 - 23:00 : Check.
Monday 19:45 - 23:00 : Check.

How many days per week do you want to raid, maximum? :
12, I can run main runs with the guild at raiding times and if we have an alt time I will be happy to join them after aswell.

What raiding experience do you have from Vanilla, BC, WotLK, Cata, MoP? :
Very little on my Paladin. Played a lot of Warrior in these days. Started playing in BC with my friends, got into raiding at WOTLK.
Pushed out some decent results on LK and NAXX however not the best. In my days I only played PUG with a social guild.

What raiding experience do you have in WoD? (please list the bosses downed if you have not completely cleared an instance) :
Downed everything but not on just one character. Did most of them on my Paladin.

What raiding experience do you have in Legion? (please list the bosses downed if you have not completely cleared an instance) :
My guild now started dying in Legion, that made me start pugging a lot more than I used to. Got the Curves however, but mostly out of the PUG Groups.

I believe in changes that will affect not only me, but those around me aswell.


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Re: Raider Application - Arslansenki
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2018, 11:48:37 AM »
Thank you for your application,

We will be back to you shortly!

Best Regards
- Tyry


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Re: Raider Application - Arslansenki
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2018, 10:23:31 AM »
You have been accepted. Give any officer a whisper ingame when you are online.